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GMD Alumni Residency

Call for submissions

The BA GMD Alumni Residency is a paid opportunity to work within the course and develop your own project over the course of 3 weeks. We are interested in alumni working alongside students, demonstrating their practice by creating new work. You will have the opportunity to work with staff, workshops and talk with students about your practice. Your residency will culminate in a showcase of your work at the LCC degree show, alongside the GMD cohort.

This is a paid residency open to all GMD alumni and we encourage either teams, collectives, or individual practitioners to apply. At the end of your residency you will participate in the final show with work that you have created.


Fee including materials: up to £4000.

In addition to your own work the fee covers a plan of workshops across GMD involving students in activities that relate to your project and your practice. (To be eligible you need to have the right to work in the UK).


Residency (3 weeks)

Starts 15 April 2024, ends 03 May 2024

Show (1 week)

Dates to be confirmed

To apply, please submit the following:

  1. Submit a brief proposal for the residency:
    • Your plans for utilizing the opportunity to work with staff, students, and the workshops.
    • Your intended outcome, along with images, sketches, or any other visual aids to support your proposal.
  2. Personal statement:
    • A brief statement about your practice.
    • How would you benefit from this residency at this point in your practice?
  3. Portfolio:
    • A portfolio of up to 5 previous projects, demonstrating your creative excellence and expertise in the field.


Please submit all the above as 1 PDF document.
Submission Deadline: 4th March at 12 noon GMT.
Send your submission to:

Previous winners of the residency:

In 2023 graduates Jacob Deakin and Luke Augur were selected as the GMD Alumni Residents in recognition of their project proposal which focused on using creative technology to augment physical spaces through shadow and motion. Their final work, Penumbra, was designed to explore the interaction between form and light by using dance as a modular tool within a chosen performance space, with impact amplified through the use of projection mapping and motion graphics.

Read about the 2023 residency here:
2023 residents Jacob Deakin and Luke Augur developed work exploring shadows and movement through Alumni Residency